Jennifer DeDominici

"As good as the philharmonic's violin and piano soloists have been so far this season, DeDominici proved that a superior vocal artist can work a kind of magic that can surpass them all. Taking full advantage of the intimacy of the space, she offered an incredible range of dynamics while powerfully communicating the heartfelt poetry of Théophile Gautier. Her reading of "The Specter of the Rose" was a musical moment I will always treasure." ~ David Skolnick, Peak Radar

"And carrying the show with ease is Jennifer DeDominici as Mary Poppins. Ms. DeDominici gives the best female performance of the year on this or any other stage in Colorado. She sings like an angel, and I believed every moment she was on stage." ~ i, McAllister

"Jennifer De Dominici and David Hess steal the show with vocals that soar right through the roof into musical theatre heaven! Ms. DeDominici's singing of 'I'll Know When My Love Comes Along' and 'I've Never Been in Love' are knockouts!" ~ David Marlowe

"DeDominici has a voice like a song bird; she lights up the stage with each of the three hits mentioned above and a number of lesser known tunes like Practically Perfect and Feed the Birds.  DeDominici wins over the kids and the adults alike with her singing, dancing, flying, and charisma, always the nanny, teacher, and role model for her Jane and Michael." ~ Theater Colorado

"DeDominici is stellar in the title role." ~ Colorado Springs Independent

"Piedmont Opera has fielded a fully realized “South Pacific” with a truly original Nellie Forbush in the person of Jennifer DeDominici."  ~Winston-Salem Journal

"With her rich mezzo-soprano, DeDominici inhabited her first solo, “Cockeyed Optimist,” and set the standard for the rest of her performance — wholehearted and full-out." ~Winston-Salem Journal

"Mezzo Soprano Jennifer DeDominici gives the audience a Nellie that feels palatable. The reality she brings to Nellie and her relationship with a far more worldly and older man is well played." ~Camel City Dispatch

"Her singing and performance on Nellie’s reprise of Some Enchanted Evening following Emile and Cable leaving for their suicide mission is heartbreaking and emotionally raw. Rather than pummel the audience with brass and technical bravado, DeDominici wins them over with her honesty and sweetness. As a physical comedienne her Nellie shines in the Thanksgiving Show sequences and her performance of Honey Bun is suitably bawdy, but shines with a true innocence and grace." ~Camel  City Dispatch

"DeDominici was indeed as beautiful, fiery, and sexy a Carmen as the preshow buzz promised — or at least that’s the impression I got before my opera glasses fogged up.  DeDominici has a sultry lower register and a smooth, silky tone that can turn angry and shrill when the drama requires it. She’s also a convincing actress, whether seductive or raging." ~Colorado Springs Gazette

"DeDominici sang Giacomo Puccini’s aria “O mio babbino caro,” and I finally get why people love the opera. I was entranced. Time stopped. My heart stopped, but my emotions soared. I realized when she finished, that I was holding my breath. I let it out with a whoosh, turned to my companion and we both said, “Wow.” Or something to that effect."  ~The Gazette

"Jennifer DeDominici' s Maria lifted the entire production from the ordinary... her portrayal of this aspiring nun turned governess for the Von Trapp family was her best yet. She was totally infectious and lit up the stage at every moment. Her singing was always beautiful as she effortlessly transitioned from her chest voice (mostly associated with popular music) to her head voice (where opera singers usually reside). Mary Martin and Julie Andrews had nothing on DeDominici." ~The Gazette

"Jennifer DeDominici was a tour de force as the feisty Aldonza and her voice was so powerful and gorgeous, especially in What Does He Want of Me." ~BWW Reviews

"DeDominici is luminescent as Aldonza, a woman embittered by a life of hardships." ~Aurora Sentinel

"The most delightful performance is that of Jennifer DeDominici as Claudia.  She's beautiful and wistful, but there's also a semi-submerged wicked-urchin quality that reminds me of Gilda Radner.  DeDominici gives the most sincere performance of the evening, and she sings like an angel; her duet with Keith, "A Man Like You/In a Very Unusual Way," is the gentle high point..." ~Westword

"The fabulous James Baumgardner, Jennifer DeDominici and Kevin Glavin knock the Opera Theatre of the Rockies production of 'The Barber of Seville' out of the park."~Colorado Springs Gazette

"Jennifer DeDominici...fills the shallow air with deeply meaningful vocals" ~The Denver Post

"Jennifer DeDominici produced a rich and quirky character and made 'The Miller's Son' one of the evening's musical highlights."

" the title role’s fiery gypsy, Jennifer DeDominici shows the promise of becoming a great Carmen." ~Colorado Springs Gazette

“Jennifer DeDominici delivers a gemlike performance as pensione-keeper Fioria.  DeDominici’s voice is as fluid and gleaming as a deep, running stream at night; her Fioria is seductive and amoral, but so utterly content with herself and her life that you can’t help admiring her." ~Westword

 “Jennifer DeDominici nearly steals the show as Fioria, the pragmatic Italian hotel owner.  Her comic solo ‘This Week, Americans’ highlights the first act…” ~Boulder Daily Camera

“DeDominici, though, is the accidental star of this production.  With a figure and a face like Ava Gardner, she seduces without effort, a hottie widow who spits Italian like a native.” ~Rocky Mountain News

"Jennifer DeDominici...often stole the scene with her keen portrayal of the sniping Emma Jones." ~Colorado Springs Gazette

“At the end of the three-hour evening, the dazzling Jennifer DeDominici merely has to deliver one of the most mind-bogglingly difficult arias ever written for a mezzo-soprano.  She did so on opening night with style, a velvety, even tone, and an extraordinary clarity that made the aria the evening's climax.” ~Colorado Springs Gazette

"She gives a marvelous portrait of a playful, mischievous child, half bravery and half bluster." ~Colorado Springs Gazette

"DeDominici is one of the finest singers CU has produced in the past decade. Her Aldonza undergoes the shift from bitter cynic to enraptured believer to brutalized victim..." ~Boulder Daily Camera

"Kudos to the trio of close-harmony secretaries: Melissa Malde, Julie Simson and Jennifer DeDominici." ~Rocky Mountain News

"Smaller roles were performed ideally by Daniel Fosha (Goro), David Cushing (The Bonze), Levi Hernandez (Yamadori) and Jennifer DeDominici (Kate)..." ~Rocky Mountain News